“We do not buy a work of art to decorate a wall, but to fight”

– Picasso –

Serge Labegorre is considered one of the greatest living French expressionists, he was awarded ‘Legion d’Honneur’ for his contribution to national art by the French Prime minister in 2009 and the much coveted ‘Grand Prize’ of the Taylor Foundation in 2014. In his career spanning several decades Labegorre has exhibited all over the world, San Francisco, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Taiwan, Bordeaux and even Egypt… but never in London. He has trusted very few agents with his works over the years refusing famously to collaborate with one of the biggest Asian art dealers as this would become ‘painting to order’. He says of his art  “Painting is a desire, I let what I carry inside me unknowingly of violence, heartbreak, suffering and love emerge, and I try to tune into it.”  So I feel honoured to have been given his complete trust and the exclusive rights to all his works here in the UK. I have been to Bordeaux and hand selected an incredible collection of his work.

Antoinette Rozan gives Form to Emotions and Movement to Matter. Her work is an ode to Existence, to Freedom and to Life. Having been immersed in the 5 elements following 15 years in China, substance takes shape in an outburst of Happiness, Love and Explosion of Colour.

Antoinette Rozan expresses the complexity of life with great simplicity. From origins of a family of artists, craftsmen and architects, she revisits Art, Qi (life, breath, energy) and Tekton (the crafstman, the sculptor) in her own unique way.

Her work is a joyful mirror that opens spirits and hearts and her dearest desire is to create Emotion. Committed towards a call for more Love, her works are universal banners to say: “remember to love yourself in order to love others”. Her artworks embodies the search for a subtle balance between the body and the energy that surrounds it, the mind and the heart.